Letter to Jen Cox

Ms. Cox:

I would like to volunteer to assist with the election of Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate. He is exactly what we need at this time – character, instead of complaints; honesty, instead of deceit; compassion, instead of selfishness … the best we have to offer in terms of humility and courage. Mark Kelly represents who we want to be, not who we have to settle for. The chaos in our times cries out for strength of mind, not just strength of body. In these times, principles come into play. Captain Kelly has shown that he rises to occasions like these. I would like to help in any way I can.

My goal is to be useful. At public school in England, I was taught that being useful is the whole point. Enclosed is my resume. Throughout my life, I have worked with people in one way or another. I can learn to do whatever it is you need. When I retired, I changed that one up as well, and spent some time wandering around, thinking about stuff. I travelled the Northwest in an RV and wrote a couple of books.

It did last a while, but I am done with thinking for the moment … perhaps there’s a better way to say that. No sensible person can be watching what’s going on now and not be moved to do something. In my case, I am excited to find that Mark Kelly is a man I can believe in. I have faith. I believe authenticity will prevail.

My excitement, as often happens, turned out to be premature. When I found the names of Justin Jenkins and Jacob Peters on LinkedIn, I immediately sent them messages … as if they should care about faint whispers emerging from somewhere in California. I wanted to part of it immediately. I drove to Tucson, not to visit the Kellys (that would be way too much excitement) but I assumed they would have an office there. Of course, they don’t. I found the Pima County Democratic Offices, with the help of super-fan Bobbie Truesdale. The helpful lady there gave me an address for what she said was the office in Phoenix. Driving there, I discovered the Mailboxes Etc.

The universe was telling me I was getting ahead of myself, as usual. So I returned to California and settled down.

I am retired as a teacher, a counselor, a sales manager/consultant and a professional photographer. I have worked with several start-ups to build national sales networks. I do have some skills, though they may call for a little exercise. On the long desert roads, I practiced building a relationship with Google in my new car. “I hear what you’re saying but I don’t know what you mean” is the refrain of a lifetime.

When I signed up on the website as a volunteer, I began receiving requests for money immediately. Understandable. But I don’t have any money, so I looked for other ways to help. I could not find one, and I can be quite determined. My experience may be behind the times, but sales is sales. Teaching, in its own way, is sales. You have said that there can be a slot for everybody in an activist effort. I can send real-time event photos to your Digital Director or set and setting for the web site. I would love to document the election of a real hero.

Most of all, I want to be useful, in any way I can. I am adaptable and quite prepared to throw my heart and soul into the election of Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate. Please give me a chance. I will move to Arizona in a heartbeat.


Dave Stephenson