Old Books

front-cover-4-small The Complete F&I Reference Book

Summarizes my sales experience. In the Eighties, I worked as a manager in one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the country. I worked as a marketing consultant and Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer for fifteen years after that.

These days, this book still sells regularly. The process is the same. Only the names have changed.




Rugby Stories

I learned to play rugby in England as a schoolboy at Dulwich College.

I was lucky enough to play for UCLA in the Sixties and Santa Monica Rugby Club in the Seventies. I was part of the first USA Eagles team to play Australia in 1977.

I finished my rugby days with the Old Bats, winning old guy tournaments in Aspen and San Francisco.

I was in the middle of the transition from the ‘pioneer’ days of American rugby to the international competition it is today.


Cover 1 BNHOB small

Buddha Never Heard of Buddha

They all say that the search fails with the first step. Why?

How can you hear the music if you are the song?

What is there, after it is all said and done?