Love is joining.  It is an illusion that Love is a noun … as if it were out there somewhere. It’s really a verb. Love is dynamic … something going on, not something just sitting there. Love is movement, an experience, an action, a happening. Love is an event. An interaction. Love is the primal experience of two becoming one. This is the very first experience of awareness. It takes a little longer in life to learn that I am not what I see.

When I love, I match a vibration. While resonating, I disappear. My point of view is lost. Love is the awareness of an energy than runs everywhere, all the time. I don’t see that energy, I become it. Love is the quantum wave, before it collapses. Something that is everywhere is also nowhere. That’s why Love is so easy to come across and so hard to lose. Love fills every space … every nook and cranny. There is nowhere to be outside of.

For myself, I believe we are destined to be the front of that love in this world, the wind that bends the grass … the part that shows … both in terms of generation and individual growth. As above, so below. We emerge from Love and we return to Love … in between, we chunk life up like a deck of cards and get lost in the shuffle. Love itself has nothing to do. Love doesn’t mind. Love is kind without conditions.

I am an energy, bottom line. Love is a reminder. I am not just this body, not even just these thoughts. An energy flows through my awareness, out of which I have shackled a personality … a way to be … mentally and emotionally pushing and pulling …shunting an identity into place to deal with the slings and arrows. In essence, I am nothing you can point to. I am what I do. With my behavior, I trace patterns onto the bigger picture. In the bigger picture, what I do is the real face of who I am. It is not all about time and space.

Being loved is clearly the foundation to one life and all lives. Unconditional love leaves me with nowhere else to go, nothing else to have … no one else to be. At any given moment, I fit in with everything. Building an identity requires separations. Conjuring up a place in this world leaves me feeling automatically incomplete, since I have a point of view … seeing some things and not others. Incompleteness is the human condition. But we see the grass bend. We know the wind is there.

Unconditional love is the beginning and end of everything, leaving me free to wander. I bash around, bumping into things, until I get the message: I come from there – I don’t have to do anything to deserve it. I have the opportunity to represent it, but it doesn’t work to apply conditions.

This is the inspiration woven into the best of our music, art and poetry. Joining … completion … is the ultimate theme. Even mathematics now reveals a mystical fabric to reality that appears to be everywhere, all the time. Our stories are of our own making, shuffling the shadows of shapes our better selves sense around us. It takes time because we insist on making up our own minds. We have to get past the words.

O White

I have to step away from love for a while, if I want to get anything done. To have an effect, to make a difference … I have to feel separate in the first place, in order to operate. Otherwise, who is doing what? Awareness itself depends on leaving Everything behind for a while and developing a point of view. Seeing this and not that. Giving up the big picture for a bit.

Love completes the circle. It is an experience of the whole moment. Everything is here, now … in motion. Love is the flow. As soon as it’s measured, the wave becomes a particle, subject to conditions. Although love is there all the time, it is not something I can keep. Holding the current, pooling love up in a place, never lasts for long. To be with everything that is, I must leave everything that was behind. There can be no names. It’s simple really. Love wants me to be who I am. Who I am is much more than my little picture of me.

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