Bottom Line

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I hesitate to offer what I have learned over 70 years, because what I have learned is that God is everywhere, all the time and there’s nothing to worry about … in the long run. Sort of a non-message. Of course, a single lifetime is a different story. It takes faith to cross the hills and valleys of living here on earth. Some older folks already know that things will be fine and are just quietly going about their business … having fun, with no need for reminders. Until you are older though, it can seem like quite a trek.

It could be that I am just late to the party, emerging from the dark and wandering around looking for someone to discuss my findings, like the ancient mariner. Over the long course of my life, I have found a reminder every now and then to be quite handy. I don’t think I am one of those who was born just to have fun. I am too curious. I am meant to confront the world and discover stuff. I don’t believe I am meant to be comfortable. At least, that’s how it’s been. And hopefully, one day, I will learn to pass a word or two on to those who are not having fun yet.

At my age, after seven decades, I have the opportunity to see things another way. I have made my case. I am not still pursuing unfulfilled wishes. I am not still trying to push and pull the world into place. I have given it my best shot and I am happy with the results. Like every other 70 year-old in history, I wish I could point out basic ‘rules of the road’ to young people, so that their way may be a little easier. But that is not the way life works. The essential path can only be uncovered by one’s self. All anyone else can do is point.

There are ‘laws’ that operate behind the scenes. There is an invisible structure out of which emerges the arrangement of ‘things’ we encounter in life. There is a framework to our experience that operates in the background, the way the moon disappears once a month and the earth zooms around the sun once a year. It is the spiritual side of the cosmic dance. To see what is going on, one has to pay attention, for a long time. Until one sees for one’s self, it is all just folklore.

The living mind, of which we are a part, can only be glimpsed, never captured. Like everything else, it is a pulse. Our connection is before we can think. The identities we use to get around in the world are fabrications, conjured out of the circumstances, resonating, in a way we often don’t recognize, to who we really are. Even while a mind is wrapped up in a role, spirit frequencies resonate with the heart, whispering directions. All we can do is peek at reality, as it pops up in the here and now. It takes a lifetime for most of us to learn to recognize that note and perhaps even longer to realize its value. We do though, eventually, realize that something more is going on.

For example, I have learned that I can’t keep anything the way it was when I liked it the most, despite what I call it. Anyway, desire is actually a state of being, not necessarily incomplete. With the luxury of looking back, I can see my lifetime as a transition, a beat in the music of the universe. The one way is much too big to know, there is nowhere it is not. We are here to learn harmony.


Insight into my real nature reveals a deep intention to transform. I am struggling to become my better self, to find the sweeter melodies among the swirling vibrations. Nothing stands still. There is a frequency to every thing. Some waves are very fast and some are very slow. How another vibration interferes with mine is how I know it. There is a rhythm to everything. It all comes and goes. Sooner or later, I have to pick something and stick with it for a while, making a shape in the flow. As a result, I get what I deserve. Being unwilling for change is like trying to fix the tide. Holding on in the mind, the flow of life stops and the dreaming begins.

The problem with knowledge is that it refers to a make-believe world in which opposites appear to create structure. ‘Opposites’ are actually extreme degrees of the same thing. Cold and hot, big and small, love and hate, joy and sadness are different places on the same scale. Every ‘thing’ is a field with two poles and depends on a point of view. So no two structures are the same. There is a masculine and feminine in everything. Nothing has just one side. Always taking or always giving just doesn’t work. This is the principle of creation. It takes two to make one.

In a universe where everything is connected, every action has a reaction. We lose sight of the form of this law in the millions of actions we take every day. Like pixels in a picture. Actions include thoughts and intentions, every one of which has a consequence. It adds up. The simple secret is that who I really am, who you really are, is the awareness behind all this nonsense.

Another cosmic law that has manifested itself to observers over time and contributed the most to science is – As above, so below. Universal patterns are repeated at the micro and macro levels. Life spirals. Know yourself and you will know it all. All magic means is that tiny, invisible patterns, when practiced properly, begin to show up on a larger scale.

These principles, distilled from thousands of years of observation, acknowledge the wave nature of our being. Upon these waves, we are playing our scenes, trying to keep life a certain way. There is a momentum to these invisible streams. Life moves on. The streams are becoming finer and finer in structure, flowing in and out of our lives as wishes and dreams, subtly suggesting there can be heaven on earth.

Conquering the unruly beast that life appears to be will never happen. There is nothing ‘outside’ of life that can bring it under control. We are in it, hook, line and sinker.

I believe this is where we want to be. Perhaps we all had a choice, somewhere along the line. Any being in the universe, if they had that choice, would want to be human. Our hearts can reach to ecstasy and fall to despair. We are destined to realize such states are all reflections of the God that pours through our hearts. How can we not be caretakers of the earth? Open souls bring a balance back into the world, relief from those who would shunt spirit into a corner and offer it for sale. The harmonies of joy and sadness are songs that need an ear. The kaleidoscope of light and darkness needs an eye. Even being here now requires a point of view.

Those of us who are young usually can’t afford to stop and look for very long. But there always comes a time when such information comes in handy.

The bottom line is that Life radiates in waves. Straight lines are a human invention, in order to get from day to day. There is nowhere it is not, so spirit knows nothing of a straight line. The spirit is in the earth from the beginning. That spirit is you. And me. Now. There is nothing more you are supposed to be. If you want more, it is up to you.

What works is to take responsibility for the way the world appears to be. After all, it only appears that way to you … if you look carefully. The world of your experience is in your terms, emerging out of your memories. It appears differently to someone else. What we have in common is that we must each do this alone. Only when I accept that I am steering the ship, can I turn it toward the stars.


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