People and Patterns

I visited several National Parks over the summer, along with millions of other people. Wherever I went, I heard about the crowds. I got there early, for the most part. But still, people were everywhere. Here in Utah, at The Arches, I decided to put people in the landscape. We are so used to taking our surroundings for granted, that when we are in these magical places, what we see takes us out of ourselves.

People in Arch small

Person in arch small

The Hopi Indians considered these arches to be sacred, portals to spiritual dimensions. Something of that lingers for the tourist.

In these awesome patterns of the earth, we see something … something for which there are no words. … something vital to our spirit. Putting humans into a landscape that’s 150 million years old provides perspective.

People and Rocks small

Person in cave 2 small

People between rocks small

Adding an observer makes it a moment.

Arches 9 small

Person in arch 1 small

A moment we can understand. 150 million years, not so much.



3 thoughts on “People and Patterns

  1. robert thrussell

    Magnificent and encapsulated thoughts
    ….you are coming into your new awareness
    And pithy point making
    Well done mate👍👌👏



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