What was and what will be

That was the beginning of my own travels. We emigrated to Australia in 1955. This picture was taken in Aden … after passing through the Suez canal. A year later, we flew in a DC-3 from Melbourne to Darwin, where my sister Christine was born. In 1960 we returned from Australia on an Italian ship, the Fairsea, through the Panama Canal. Four weeks out, six weeks back.

Last Saturday, my son Alex proposed to his girlfriend of five years. He planned to do it on the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito. He asked me to sneak on board and capture the moment. IMG_0007 smallAlex manages the broker experience for Lendinghome.com and his fiancee is a senior designer for GoPro. They still can’t afford to buy a house in San Francisco. Still, in that moment, they set out on a path together.

Two weeks ago, I attended the 90th birthday party of Nancy’s Aunt Marge, the matriarch of Nancy’s side of the family. Marge is one of the triplets whose birth was big news around Salinas and Paso Robles back in the day. She lives on a ranch in Parkfield, the earthquake center of California. About 100 people came to the celebration of her life, and the path she took, in that tiny little town.  4M7Q2152

A life is such a precious experience. The treasure is in the not-knowing … the discovery … the unfolding of potential. How will it go? In reality, one wouldn’t really want to know.

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