USA Sevens Las Vegas Day 3

I photographed with the 300mm lens today. Practically a wide-angle for me. A whole different feel to the game … more documentary, less personal. I like to get in there with the 600mm, as if we were on the field. The wider angle tells the viewer more about the game and less about the players.

I started playing rugby when I was 11. All the boys at Dulwich College (in London) had to play. I heard the call. In the 60’s, I played at UCLA (six varsity letters in the same sport must be some kind of record). In 1972, we started Santa Monica Rugby Club, which is still going strong today. Later in the Seventies, I played for Dennis Storer and the early Eagles.

The progress of the game is fun to watch. The USA teams now hold their own on the international stage. Once the tackling improves, we will win it all.

More photos at USA Sevens Las Vegas Day 3

One thought on “USA Sevens Las Vegas Day 3

  1. Nancy

    These are great! I like the wider look – gives a sense of the game and action.
    I imagine you’re having a great time.



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