Paragliders at Salton Sea

. I pulled into West Shores RV park because it’s $17 a night with Passport America. Turns out it has a short landing strip and paragliders stay there all time. Happily surprised, I wandered out to the lake with my camera. Flyers ranged from backpack propellers to multi-passenger tricycles. The tricycles cost up to $12000. They can stay uI was waiting for the storm to clear on the coast, soaking up the sun south of Palm Springsp for 2-3 hours and do 50 m.p.h. They communicate with bluetooth-connected cell phones.


2 thoughts on “Paragliders at Salton Sea

  1. Eric

    That’s amazing…so the tricycle pedals power a fan that propels the glider? Riding a bike in the clouds? That might be more my speed than skydiving.



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