Cover 2 LighterNotes from the Bardo   

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Review on “This is a very useful book that could be read primarily for tips and tricks when living out of your RV for a sustained period of time. But it is also quite thoughtful, and the philosophical discussions are given context and are focused by the constant flux and practical difficulties of life on the road. In conjunction, these themes offer a new perspective on getting older, seeking new challenges in life, and reconciling the past, and the author does not shy away from relaying his personal history to make these points. If you are expecting a simple ‘how-to guide’ experience on RV-ing, then perhaps this book isn’t for you. If you are willing to look beyond that, however, you are given much food for thought and it is worth the time. Plus there are truly excellent original photographs throughout, from all over the United States and Canada.”            

hands-trophy-cover-smallRugby Stories … and other misadventures

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Review: “Rugby Stories…and other misadventures was incredibly enjoyable. I’m a bit of a history buff and the one area of American rugby history I always wanted to know more about was the period in the 1960s and 70s, when the Eagles were just formulating. The generation of players that came of age during that period is only getting old and some of the stories from that time are getting lost. The greatest triumph of “Rugby Stories” is that it preserves that part of history for future generations. Written by former Eagle, UCLA, and Santa Monica player Dave Stephenson, “Rugby Stories” offers a unique take on a crucial period in U.S. rugby history. Stephenson’s writing style is like his play on the field, solid with a touch of bravado. He tells the story of his emergence as a school player in England, to immigrant in Los Angeles where he finds rugby once again. Stephenson has an interesting life that in and of itself is well worth a story and when you throw in rugby, it makes a great combination. The inside knowledge Stephenson provides of the early Eagles is invaluable. It was a different time back then, and while things didn’t always run smoothly, the passion that all of those involved had was impressive. If there is one disappointment, it’s that Stephenson isn’t around for years and years with the team, but that’s something you’ll have to read about in the book. It’s more than just the early history of the Eagles that makes “Rugby Stories” valuable for the American rugby fans, it’s the early history of UCLA and Santa Monica as well. Stephenson was part of Dennis Storer’s legendary Bruins squads that challenged for the World Cup with Cal and UBC, as well as in the Monterey Tournament, the unofficial national championship at the time. He was also a founding member of Santa Monica Rugby Club. This is a crucial part of American rugby history and that should make “Rugby Stories” a crucial part of your rugby book collection. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I learned so much about American rugby history that I couldn’t find anywhere else.                        

front-cover-4-smallThe Complete F&I Reference Book

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The Complete F&I Reference Book is no longer the only available ‘handbook’ on how to do the job of Finance and Insurance manager. Twenty years ago, this manual was found on the bookshelves of hundreds of dealerships across the country and used by F&I training programs everywhere, including Northwood University. However, it is still the only guide to applying the lessons of Neuro-Lingiistic Programming specifically to successful F&I sales. Since then, the car business has changed. Whole technologies, like the fax machine, have come and gone. Elite sales talent, which often found a home in high-end car sales, has moved on for the most part. Instruction in the business these days seems to be more about Compliance than it is about how to sell. The F&I manager’s job has always been that challenging combination of compliance and sales. This book covers both comprehensively. The guidelines on how to do this complicated job successfully haven’t really changed, even though some laws and taxes may be different. The ‘old school’ approach … people buy from people they like … is always at the heart of successful selling. This has always come naturally to the most talented salespeople. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) grew out of the study of these most successful people … what is it that they do, often without being fully aware of it, that engages the other person so fully? NLP brings those characteristics and those habits to light, so that we can copy the behavior and obtain similar results. Dave Stephenson started as an F&I manager in a Toyota dealership in 1979. During the heyday of Silicon Valley in the 80’s, Dave was the F&I director at one of the country’s leading Mercedes-Benz dealerships, right in the middle of it all. After publishing this book twenty years ago, Stephenson traveled the country doing seminars for a couple of years, before joining a start-up based in Virginia, The Automark Group. When Automark was sold in 2000, first to Half-A-Car and then to Reynolds and Reynolds, Dave went back into the business for a couple of years at Beverly Hills Mercedes-Benz as Director of Marketing, helping to prepare the store for sale by Jardine Matheson to a Texas auto group.

Then he becvame a professional sports photographer.

Cover 1 BNHOB smallBuddha Never Heard of Buddha

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